O.C E8400 + GA-E41M-ES2L ~3.60Ghz

U GUYS HAVE ANY FORMULA FOR O.C E8400 + GA-G41M-ES2L ~3.60Ghz??? HELP ME... :((
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  1. Buy a good aftermarket CPU cooler for it or your temps will be too high. Hopefully you have memory that will run at 800mhz.

    The overclocking guides on Toms hardware will help you to OC it. More than likely you won't have any problems getting that speed with that CPU.
  2. See my reply to your other thread:

    You will not be able to reach 3.6 GHz with a G41 board.

    And please do not double post.
  3. yea e8400 wont get pass over 3.08ghz.. at 343 X 13 with g41m-es2l ... :((
    But how about e5300? with this mobo can i get ~3.50Ghz ??
  4. With a G41 motherboard and an E5300 CPU, your upper speed will be determined by the CPU. With a good cooler, you should be able to reach at least 3.6 GHz.
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