Can i do another graphic card for physics on this motherboard?

Gigabyte AM3 DDR3

I notice that it can do crossfire, but not SLI, however... can i run one Nvidia graphic card for gaming graphics and another Nvidia card for physics?

or is that still SLI?
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  1. Yes.

  2. be a bit more specific...

    i can do two nvidia cards, one for gaming and one for physics, but NOT two Nvidia cards for gaming?
  3. Yep I've seen you can do 1 for physx and 1 for graphics, but not SLI on AMD boards which is still nice as I can only afford 1 nice card for gaming. That will let me use cheaper card for physx or when I upgrade will use the card I've got now running games, will probably wait till some more games benefit from it though.
  4. i see... seeing as you don't need such a beefy card for physics, which card would you recommend?
  5. I would get at least a 9600gt or 9600gso, I would make sure that the gso has DDR3 on it though. I seen an article on adding a second card for physx and if you use a lower card on a high demanding game it will slow you down, slower than using a single card for graphics and physx.
  6. i see... all you have to do is just put in the second card... but does it need the SLI bridge or are they seperate?
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