Starcraft 2 crash linked to overclocking

I find starcraft 2 crashes if I am not playing a game 9 times out of 10 if I am not doing anything, it has never crashed during a game ever but nearly always will if I leave it for a while. any ideas why? my specs. are:
Phenom 2 550BE unlocked to 4 core running at 3.7GHz (210 x 17.5)
Asrock 880G extreme 3 board
2 x 2Gb OCZ RAM (running below its 1333MHz rating)
2 x 4870 in crossfire
Do you think its drivers, overclock or just a bug in the game?
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  1. Forgot to say I ran prime 95 for ages and have played metro 2033 fine for a while but when I go back now and load last saved it crashes every time. I have played modern warfare 2 alot with no issues and it still plays fine.
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    Set everything back to stock speeds, does it still crash?

    Are you running any screensavers or power saving that could be kicking in after a set period of time?
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  4. Cool & quiet was enabled (I was sure I disabled it) now works fine cheers
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