How would I recover data from the RAID 1 part of a Matrix RAID array?

I am considering installing both RAID 0 & 1 arrays on a pair of drives as shown in this article. If a failed drive brings down the RAID 0 array containing the operating system (or the operating system fails for any reason), how do I recover the data on the RAID 1 part?
Can I simply plug the good drive into another computer and get the data? Ie, will it recognise the drive sufficiently well to get at the good partition(s)?
Or do I need to replace the failed disk and reinstall the OS? (From what I have read, this would require setting up the RAID array during installation. But wouldn't this destroy the data I am trying to save.)
I guess my basic question is: What use is the RAID 1 part of a Matrix RAID array if the OS is on the RAID 0 part and one of the hard drives fails?
Dr James Hicks
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