AMD 7750 Only going half speed?

Download CPU-Z and it shows my CPU going at 1403.0 GHZ?

I know this is suppose to be a 2.7ghz processor.

Core Speed: 1403.0MHz

Muliti: 7

Bus Speed: 200.4 MHz

HT Link: 1803.9 Mhz

It's a 65nm processor at 1.312V

Motherboard is at Gigabyte GA-MA780G-UD3H

New drivers, maybe?

Any help it greatly appreciated.
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  1. Its called Cool&Quiet, it slows your CPU down to save power when theres nothing stressful going on.

    Launch a program or fire up something like Prime95 and it should shoot back up to 2.7Ghz.
  2. If you start doing more intensive tasks, you may see your speed going up and down, amd has a feature called cool n quiet which will downclock the chip while it's not under a load in order to be more energy efficient.
  3. I disabled it.

    Still doing it.
  4. Are you saying even when stressed it won't speed back up to 2.7Ghz? You may need to update your BIOS.
  5. Download a stress test program like OCCT or Prime95. Use CPU-Z to monitor the clock speed, while your running either one of those programs.
  6. Running a p95 test at 3.0ghz
  7. So does CPU-Z show the CPU clock speeds going back to normal?
  8. Yeah, its at 3ghz.

    Going strong on P95

    For some reason the mulit just switched to 6.5.
  9. Its actually called speedstep, and it can be disabled in Bios if it bothers you. Google speedstep.
  10. pretty sure speedstep is for intel.. but yeah ''basicly'' its speedstep
  11. daship said:
    Its actually called speedstep, and it can be disabled in Bios if it bothers you. Google speedstep.

    You won't find speed step in any AMD BIOS since its an Intel thing, however AMD's Cool n Quiet is the same thing with just a different name.
  12. Really asshole? You think I've never heard of Cool N Quiet?

    Running p95 the thing never went up or down.

    For some reason the Multi was set to 6.5.

    Guess I didn't see that one in my Manual.

  13. i ran super pi for about 3 minutes and my pheno mdoesnt go up from 1.3ghz, its supposed to run at 2.3
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