Intel E5200+ Sapphire HD4870 OR intel E7400+Sapphire HD4850

Hi guys im thinking about getting one of the 2 combo but i have no idea which one would be better.The computer is for gaming and video streaming.I also want to know if theres a big difference between the 2 combos. E5200+ Sapphire HD4870 E7400+ Sapphire HD4850

Thank you
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  1. What resolution will you be gaming at? That will be a huge deciding factor for which combo to pick. Higher resolutions require the best GPU possible, while lower resolutions rely more on the CPU.

    I would pick the E5200+HD4870 combo. The only difference between the E5x00 series and the E7x00 series is 1MB of cache. I'd just overclock the E5200 to 3.4GHz - 3.6GHz and you'll have a nice little rig.
  2. i dont play game at very high resolution probbly at 1152x864 or a bit i should go for the E5200+HD4870?
  3. What's your budget for this? What I said above is that low resolutions like yours rely more on the CPU than GPU. I don't suppose the budget will stretch for an E8400 would it? Games really love the 6MB cache of those chips.
  4. The recent SBM pc's of this website have shown that the E7x00 series isn't really worth purchasing since it...

    1. Doesn't overclock as well as the E5x00
    2. Doesn't get much extra performance from the extra 1MB of cache.

    I must agree with shortstuff_mt on the E8400 potential upgrade.

    However, I would purchase the E8400 + HD4850 over the E5200 + HD4870. Video cards are much easier to replace in the future. (And, we all know that video cards are generally replaced every 2-3 years in gaming pc.s.)
  5. i am building a computer of around 600$ canadian this is why i was unsure what combo to choose from ive been reading in the forums a little bit and trying to build a system with the infos.i hope it would turn out into something good.Any tips or suggestion will help me alot.With the replies i guess ill go with the 7400/4850
    and will build from there

    Thank you guys
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