What is the fastest 2gb for the P4P800-E Deluxe

I know this is OLD TECH we're taking about here but I love getting the most out of old stuff.

Here is my rig:


I can overclock quite a bit but with my current processor Im limited untill I find a 3.4 Extreme Edition. I want to get past 3.6GHz 940MHz FSB but for now I know I need better cooling and Im working on that. Ive been spending hours reading and the answer I came up with was this:


What do you think? I figure this way I can still get my 4GB when I can afford it.
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  1. I am well awere that shes a dino andbuilding a new system is the smarter thing to do, so I am but thats not my question. My second rig is going to be a Gigabyte MA770-UD3 with a Phenom 2 x2 3.1GHz cpu with 4 gigs of kingston ddr2-1066. 1.5TB HDD Forte 7.1 sound card with a Gigabyte 4890. 750W Utlra PSU.

    But back to my real question, What is the fastest RAM for the P4P800-E Deluxe? Im still rocking L4D with 45FPS max settings, CS:S max all 50FPS, BF2 with 50FPS, BIOSHOCK with 35FPS. I dont really new to upgrade for atleats another year.

    The biggest reason for wanting to pimp out this old board is for novelty purposes. Its so old yet its still impressing people with what it can do.

    http://www.ocztechnology.com/produ [...] hannel-eol Is that my best 2gig option?

    Money is not an issue.
  2. http://www.mypcmod.com/viewpc.php?id=225

    > DRAM Frequency - 200MHz to 260MHz(ahah DDR520)

    Your RAM is already at DDR-520.

    Were you planning to overclock the OCZ DDR-500 even further beyond that?

    Because DDR is so much more expensive than DDR2,
    I agree with the above comments that your money
    would be better spent on a more modern PCI-Express

    That P4P800-E Deluxe is quite old, by today's standards.

    Why not just keep it as a backup server?

  3. You could compare it to paying a $100,000 for a car from ther 1920's. For $100,000 you could have a 2010 car that out preforms the 1930's car a million times.
  4. I would like to OC past DDR600 so I can get my CPU up to 4GHz and my FSB past 1000MHz. Money is really not an issue. I believe Ill end up spending close to $500 for the 3.4EE alone.
  5. Why am I a moron? Is it because \Im so filthy rich that I can afford to blow huge amounts of money on old tech? Or are you just that jealous? Dont reply to a thread if you have nothing useful to contribute. I asked a question, I want an answer. I dont want to be made fun of just because I am an enthusist for old computers. It seems to me that you are the moron zip!
  6. Oh zippy your the greatest. As a mater a fact, I already own 2 working commador 64's which are overclocked, lols. I have a couple working p1 trough p3's thank you, I dont need anymore. Its funny, I payed 3500$ for a P3 500 from Hong Kong and had it 1 week before it was released in North America. I even have my nintendo 64 OC'ed. For the *** of it I OC'ed my toothbrush. LOLS. This weekend Im picking up CronoTrigger for the Super Nintendo for 250$.

    This P4P800-E Deluxe was the King *** of a whole era. How old are you? Would you even understand what that means?

    Im going to let this go now because I realise Im not going to get any real answers form people with the know how. The olny answers Ill get here are ones from people thinking you need the latest badass on the market.

    I already own a core i7 system but Im not as impressed with it as my P4P800-E (read up)
  7. As a side note, If I wanted to buy something that gains value, Id buy more bars of gold and more guns.
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