After Startup picture, no screen

Well i overclocked my Intel pentium 4 CPU 3.2ghz
The Speed was at 200MHz and the max was 380MHz but i overcloked it to 300MHz.

My first Tempreture was around 37-43 and after overclocking it went to 42-50 i think but soon as i restarted i the Picture of my motherboard Dfi Lanparty 925x-t2 comes up then the screen goes black and the pc is running fine...
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  1. Can you still get into the bios? Upping the FSB by 50% is crazy you need to go up gradually and you won't get it to 300.
  2. Hah yeah... wow. That's a massive jump there. You should probably consider reading some guides and maybe seeing what sort of speeds other people got out of it. Anyway, hopefully you didn't adjust the voltages much and fry something. Ideally you can clock it back down and try again.... maybe start with 225mhz...
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