Lite-On DVDRW SOHW-832S drive unable to read/write dvd/cd


My DVDRW drive stopped reading/writing any DVD or CD, suddenly! This happened during the process of burning a DVD, using Nero. The DVD drive made a noise, computer froze, and now the drive doesn't read or write.

I have tried multiple things: deleted upperfilters (no lower filters to delete), uninstalled drivers, checked region code, ran SmartPak Utility from Lite-On website, cleaned the lens per Lite-On Tech Support, ran Microsoft FIX-IT, checked cable connections. The tray is functional, and the light flickers when a DVD is inserted, Windows XP recognizes the drive in Explorer.

Please help!
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  1. Sounds like it died.
  2. Hello, I'm having a similar problem, I am trying to burn mkv files to a blank sony DVD-RW disc. After i convert everything and its time to burn the disc, a pop-up appears saying disc isn't blank, it isn't writeable. I have a CD/DVDRW drive and my driver is a TSSTCorp TS-H492C (Dell Dimension B110). I have downloaded Burn aware home because i thought something was wrong with my burner, but even burn aware doesn't work. I am also using Wondershare and mkv to dvd 3.12. Please Help anyone, Thanks!
  3. aford10 said:
    Sounds like it died.

    You made my day, that was so funny. My computer is doing the exact same thing and to read the first response which was yours, was just funny.
  4. liteon-2010 said:

    My DVDRW drive stopped reading/writing any DVD or CD, suddenly!

    Pull the drive and try it in another system. It's the only way to be sure.

    liteon-2010 said:

    ... Windows XP recognizes the drive in Explorer.

    Unfortunately, all that means is that WinXP is recognizing the presence of a working drive interface. It has no way of telling if the drive mechanicals are working until you try to read or write.

    And while optical drives are commodity parts now, I have found Samsung and LG to be more reliable than LITE-ON.
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