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At the moment, My 1TB SATA HDD is almost full. If I were to buy another HDD, how were I to add it? By using RAID, or just simply plugging it into my SATA port?
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  1. If you're happy with the performance of the current drive then just get a WD Caviar Green drive and use it for storage. Best solution for storage. Cool, quiet and energy efficient

    RAID would help you out on the speed, but if you pair your HDD with another 1TB in RAID1 its still a 1TB drive. RAID0 would give you speed and a 2TB drive but it has higher failure rates.
  2. All I want to do is expand my storage capacity, speed is not an issue. It would be nice if I could link two HDDs together to one partition.
  3. For backup, WD Caviar Green is the best one. You can also buy a casing and turn it into an external drive to make it more safer.

    Linking two drives together is good. But if just storage is concerned then i suggest keeping them separate, you dont want to lose all your data at once.
  4. OK I will keep it in mind, but how does one link two drives together? And what is the probability of a run-of-the-mill HDD to fail?
  5. I thought by linking you meant RAID.

    One thing i can say, is that too many power cuts causes the HDD to become bad quickly. I have a lot of that problem here in my city. There are frequent power cuts and i have lost my UPS.

    Otherwise there is not general rule for a HDD to fail. Just keep it neat and tidy that's all.
  6. Thanks for all your help up until now! I don't really know much about HDDs, so I don't know how to handle this. All I want to know is if I bought a new hard drive, how would I add it as another partition or possibly merge it with the already existing one?

    BTW, nice avatar :P
  7. Thanks! :)

    Just do a little bit of reading. In two days you would know a lot. Getting to know HDD's is not that tough.
  8. Just plug the new drive into a free SATA port and make sure the port is enabled in the BIOS. Assuming you're running windows, go into "disk management" to initialize, partition, & format the new drive. Assign it a new letter and you're good to go.
  9. Thanks! If I do buy this drive, I 'll be sure to do that
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