Zalman ZM600-HP PSU and XFX GeForce GTX 275?

Just bought a GTX 275. It's sexy.

Got it in the mail, opened it up, opened my computer, opened the instructions and--wham, turns out it needs either 2x 6-pin cables or 1x 8-pin express cable. My current PSU (500w) didn't have two 6-pin cable or an 8-pin cable. The manual also advised against turning two 4-pin cables into one 6-pin cable with the converter.

I'm no expert (if you couldn't tell) but I'm not a newbie either. I knew my old PSU was crap and now it's clear that I have to update it.

I went to several hardware shops only to find out that anything above a 400w PSU is only available online.

I live in Korea which complicates things a bit, and the most respected PSU I can find around these parts is the ZM600-HP:

I can't tell from the website, though, if it will work with the GTX 275. Judging by the pics it looks like it can, but I want to be ABSOLUTELY sure before I order it.

I'm worried because I think it's three or four years old.


I did find a Corsair TX650W for around the same price. What about this one?

Thanks for any and all help. Cheers!
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  1. go for the Corsair(though the zalman one is good also)
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