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On the P6x58D-E there is an option to overclock the PCIe frequency. Default 100, option to 200.

Is there much advantage to this? The GPU uses it.... I have not seen many posts or much literature on the topic.

Does it impact the GPU performance? Is it hard on stability? Could it raise the ambient case temp possibly running the CPU hotter?
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  1. I leave mine at 100 MHz. However, YMMV.

    Google "overclock the PCIe frequency".
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    I wrote a thread on this.

    I found it does give a slight performance boost, however, after that article the next day my PC had trouble booting. I ended up dropping it down and found that it was having issues with anything over 115mhz even tho when I ran those tests it was fine up to 130. Now I have it set at 110mhz, with no issues.
  3. thank you...

    I am posting an article found on the ASUS board that actually refers to PCIE overclocking as maybe adding stability....
  4. I've seen reports from earlier boards about raising the PCI frequency to 110 to help with stability, but that was from the P4 days. It also only helps with 96% stable boards. Meaning if you can't load windows, its not going to help. Considering the little gain you get, you might as well leave it at 100.
  5. And remember, those earlier reports were about the PCI bus, not the PCIe bus. They are different animals altogether.
  6. I get instability after 110, the gain is about 1-2FPS at the most so I just leave it at 100 and save myself from any headaches..
  7. Perhaps JSC, but I get the feeling its the same effect. More so after Wolfs research.
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