Upgrading from a 7350LE

I have a HP8120N and the fan on the graphic card - a 7350 LE - is dying (no noise, then rattling noise, etc. I tried all advices available online to make is less noisy.

The PSU is a 300W - Max 350W, 2x12V rails rated 18A.

Q6600 2.4 GHZ, 3GB memory, 2 HDDs, 2 DVDs, 1 TV Tuner, 1 additional USB 2 card.

Screen: 22" 1680x1050.

Typical usage: multimedia, surfing, programming, Google Earth, SketchUp. Light gaming and - believe it or not - the 7350LE was fine for my needs (Trackmania, SkiChallenge, FSX in reasonable quality. Even the Hawx demo in low mode was almost fine! In short, I do not need the latest $400 card, but something reasonable above the 7350LE.

So, the questions is: what do you think would be the best video card with a $80 budget? I'm tempted by a silent card (no more problem with the fan!) or a 9500GT.

Anyone with a HP8120N has some upgrading experience?
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  1. a 4670 would be well within the budget, but im not sure your psu is up to it. a 4650 could be good though.
  2. I would get this card personally


    anything is going to be a upgrade for you and thats a current gen card with a great cooler on it and its got good reviews. Never get a card with out a cool unless you have insane case cooling :D
  3. However, if the op can swing it, a 4830 might be better. I know the 4670 is a good card, however, I also know I have a 9600 gt on a 22 inch screen, which at times does show it's limitations.
  4. Thanks - But I just opened the case and I do not have room for a 2-slot card. There is a free slot next to the graphic card but the following slot is the TV tuner with cables running from the back of the card. This means that the fan on a 2-slot card would be flat on the other card and those cables. This also means that a card without a fan might get too hot...

    I was thinking about a Gigabyte:


    Would it be better than the 7350LE?

    I'm more enclined towards nVidia - it will make the upgrade process easier and I'm been satisfied since my first 5200
  5. Dude, trust me. For your budget, you want the ATI 4670. I had good luck with ATI cards before, and that 9500gt you want will be destroyed by the 4670. According to benchmarks I've seen, the 4670 is closer in performance to the 9600gt, which is a full step above the 9500gt. You can get the 9500 gt, but if it were my money, I'd pick up the 4670.
  6. like this one?


    (despite the negative comment on getting rebates from Gigavyte)

    However, I do not want to spend 3 days upgrading drivers etc. so would prefer to stay with nvidia. Again, the limitation is the PSU first - and there is no clear indication in the last article "Best Graphics Cards For The Money: March '09 : February Review/March Updates" about PSU constraints.

    and no, I do not want to upgrade the PSU for money and time reasons.

    Maybe I should just change the fan on my current 7350 -;)
  7. It shouldn't take any longer to install ATI drivers than nvidia drivers. Unless you were hoping to just put the new card in and not have to change anything.
  8. If you want something simple and cheap, get a 7600GT from ebay for $20 like I did. (I upgraded my 7300LE in my old Dell to a 7600GT)

    Or get a 7800GT/7950GT for around $40-$50. They won't play Crysis on high, but you can play Oblivion maxed out and COD4 on medium-high with decent fps.
  9. What about this one ?

    There are some pretty good review everywhere.
  10. Well a 9500gt wont cope at your resolution not even a 4670 best to take the most powerful card for your price range.
  11. The issue is first the PSU limitation (I honestly do not want to change the PSU) and then the price range.

    Currently I can play FSX Demo at 1680x1050 with medium to low details, Tracksmania plays well too. Not really a gamer - just occasional.

    The fanless 4670 mentioned just above gets really good reviews - including in cases with poor air circulation. $70 seems about right.
  12. You will want to reinstall drivers reguardless. The fanless 4670 is probably your best bet.
  13. You will want to reinstall drivers reguardless. The fanless 4670 is probably your best bet.
  14. I agree a 4670 , but from the sounds of your case "Tv tuner with wires coming out" so close to you vid card and nevermind it's a HP , your case airflow just blows (pardon the pun :) ) get a card with a fan on it , also maybe take a chance while you got the side off tidy up the wires a we bit (with PC off of course) and clean out the cobwebs :)
  15. If you were satisfied with your 7350LE, you'll be very happy with a HD4670. I'd personally go with the Gigabyte card you linked earlier, but any will be just fine in your system.
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