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Hey, Im running out of room at my desk and at the moment my case is squished between my desk and a wall so the airflow isnt as good as it could br + plus its an eyesore, so if looked around at some cases and have come accross this

I also use my PC for gaming so I want a mobo which has either SLI/X fire not fussed as upgrading card very soon and Support for my current cpu x2 7750 BE AM2+ (but would prefer a socket AM3 mobo if this cpu will work with it untill I upgrade to phenom II)

Iv seen the DFI lan party boards but i cant seem to find them on any UK sites :( Budget around £130 give or take if its a better board
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  1. 7750 will not work in an AM3 motherboard, so you're limited to AM2+ boards.

    Without knowing your GPU, it's hard to give a suggestion. As SLI mATX AMD boards are not common at all. I don't think there are a single one out there.

    There are some mATX crossfire board though, and as you said DFI offers the best one. Jetway also makes some mATX crossfire boards.

    JetWay JMA3-79GDG-LF AM3/AM2+/AM2 AMD 790GX HDMI Micro ATX
    JetWay JMA3-79GDG-COMBO-LF AM3/AM2+/AM2 AMD 790GX HDMI Micro ATX

    My advice is just stick with a single GPU, especially for SFF build. Depending on your video card choices, you'll get alot of heat if you pick high end GPUs.

    A single video card, offers alot more motherboard options for you.
  2. the only M-ATX mobo's which support both are the X58 mobo's, and the cheapest one of those is the MSI X58M which cost just over £150.
  3. ok, i did think about the heat issues, what about the ATI "dual core" cards? im guessing these will be more than adequate for hi-end gaming. whats the deal with tri-sli anyway, is it just for bragging rights?, what im saying is, if i want to keep gaming on pc will i HAVE TO eventually get 2 GFX cards or do you think the technology of these multi gpu cards will enable users to have just one card.

    ahh.........i can remember my old athlon xp 1900+ 512 mb RAM and a Geforce 3, simple system and it ate anything you threw at it!
  4. If you want SLI, then you might opt for the GTX295, which is basically 2 video card GPUs sandwich together.

    ATI has the HD4850x2 and HD4870x2, these are designed different, they are 2 GPUs on the same board.

    These options are better than true SLI or Crossfire for your SFF build, they only need a single PCIe slot.

    My personally feeling is, GPU technology and CPU technology are ahead of gaming software right now. As a large number of games are ports from consoles. XBox360 uses a GPU that is pre R600 (HD3x00) series and PS3 uses a pre 8800 GPU.

    Both ATI and Nvidia are set to release their next generation GPUs later this year, so I wouldn't worry too much about needing more than a GTX295 or HD48x0X2 anytime soon.
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