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hello every bud'y :) be for i begin here's my spec's of my pc motherboard ecs elitegroup ic780m-A cpu AMD phenom x4 2.3ghz 4.0mb total L2+L3 cache ram 4gb gskill set to 400mhz so far my mtherboard dus not have fsb it has ht clock stock ht clock is 200mhz stock volts is 1.2500 when i oc it i set the ht clock to 236 and the volt's to 1.2515 i stress test it you mite say whut do you got for cooling i got good **** so dont worry about that but anyway im looking to get to 3.0 or higher and i did get ther but lock't up on me when i stress test it but i look at my cores two are 2.3ghz stock speed and two are 3.1ghz speed and then it froze i reset it it wont boot and i say wtf i i mite be missing sum thing but not shere i got it set back to stock rite naw im look ing for in fow and dont say you cant get to 3.0 with that board and cpu and you mite be rite but im not giving up that esey ill give you all my in fow on my bios when i get back but plz help me with this and yes i know my spelling is not good so plz don't pick at it
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  1. all rite iv got my bios stuff
    ill pout it up
  2. M.i.B. MB intelligent bios 2 that's where i do all my overclocking
    HT frequency stock 200mhz it go's by 200mhz max 1.8ghz
    CPU/HT reference clock stock 200mhz it go's by 1mhz
    Auto detect dimm/pci clk
    cpu voltage stock 1.2500 volt's it go's by 5 milli volt's
    dimm voltage stock 1.8800 it go's by 10 milli volt's

    memory configuration
    dram frequency set to auto
    dram command rate [cr] set to auto
    dram timing mode set to auto
    bank interleaving set to auto
    channel inter leaving set to xor of address bit's
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