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Hi I recently have built a custom i7 gaming computer but it still fails to work. I have sent back the Mobo back and RMA'd to newegg once. The specs should be in my signature, but anyway I press the power....the CPU fan does less than one revolution, and then stops, but the motherboard says its receiving power, and i know it is not the power supply. What could be making it not boot, as i am very sure everything is connected. Would M Connectors not make it boot? GPU? CMOS? I REALLY need to get this working and im hoping it is just human error more than something bad. Thanks
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  1. Welcome to the forums!

    Clear the bios.
    Turn the CPU fan to always on in the bios. The CPU fan may be temperature controlled.
  2. This is a great thread on getting your comp to post for the first time.
    Copmp Won't Post Checklist

    Can you also list more of the specs. PSU, HD's ect. It really helps us to know all the specs, even case.
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