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I'm overclocking a q6600 G0 on a P35-DS3L motherboard. I've disabled C1E and EIST and I'm trying to run prime95 @ 9x378 and 1.4v but the CPU keeps reverting to 6x378 well below the Tjunction. SpeedFan says my max core temp is 62 celsius. Is it really CPU TM2 that's doing this or something else? Thank you.
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  1. Try CPUz and see if it says the CPU is throttling back.
  2. I forgot to mention I'm using CPU-Z also. This is how I monitor the multiplier.
  3. i use CPU-Z as well. u should see the clock speed drop mine does when i dont have a heavy load on the CPUs drops from 4.39 to 2.2.

    my temps will drop to 32c from 38c. maybe thats why u think its throttling back at low temps.
  4. Are those core temps Idle or load? If the temp is to high then the cpu will trottle itself back even if EIST or C1E is dissabled. Core temps under load shoulnt be over 70c(that is the highest safe temp). Try HWmonitor to monitor temps and do a 10min run with prime95 and post load temps.
    Are you using an aftermarket cooler.
  5. I have the same problem. Under Load (IntelBurnTest) my q9550 throttles at 52-53 Degrees C. This is fine at stock(2.83Ghz), however when I overclock, it automatically throttles down to 6.0 ratio as temps hit 50+ Degrees.

    This might be because the power provided by the motherboard is just not enough for quads when using a four pin power connector.

    To get real overclocking, you could try a better board with an EPs 12v (8pin) connection and a suitable power supply.

    It is our punishment for having budget boards.
  6. True I never thought about the CPU power connector being the culprit.
    The cor2quads are pretty power hungry so you will probably need a board with a 8-pin CPU power connector.
  7. Its not something that often crops up as enthusiasts tend to have high end boards. I need to upgrade mine as well.
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