HELP NEEDED !!! Vga displaying weird artifacts

Hi guys,
am having some strange problems with my vga 8800 ultra.
it was working fine yesterday but today when i started my pc it starter showing weird artifacts from boot menu. i have attached a picture to give u an idea.
At first windows refuse to start, then i started in safe mode and all went well but artifacts were still there. i tried unistalling the drivers that helped and windows started normally plus the artifacts :( i also tried switching memory modules and tried booting with minimum hardware but no luck.
I have never overclocked my pc but the vga i got is factory overclocked. i havnt installed any software recently.
Any sort of help would be greatly appreciated.
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  1. How are the GPU temps?
  2. hey thx for the quick reply.
    i tried riva tuner but itz not showing any temp reading. all other like core clock are ok but no temp :(
  3. i also tried ntune but cause i cant install the drivers it wont show anything
  4. ok i tried gup-z and it worked. here are the readings.
    gpu temp=59C
    pcb temp=56
    hope this helps
  5. Are those at idle? Is the fan on the card working?
  6. i have a problem too with artifact for first time plug 6800gt pcie in to my abit an78hd. As i know from my experiment every vga i' ve tested from geforce 4series to geforce 7 series, the problem the artifacts, first from bad fabricating, and 2nd from psu. From fabricating it's difficult to repair or mostly never ever and forever be repair. 2nd you can try to reflash vga bios and ,minimize clock speed of gpu and gddr memory. Try to flash bios with lower tweak bios may it could help.. Hope your card back to where it started.. That's it's..
  7. The 8800 series always ran fairly hot, try Rivatuner again or Ntune to boost the fan speed to a higher leval.
    Also, drop the card clockspeeds, try 50MHZ off the memory and 20MHz off the core and retest but from the sounds of it the card has gone bad.
    Take a look here:
  8. Hos the fan working on the GPU? Are you able to see that it can go from 40%to 100%?
  9. you can repair it by your self by heating up the gpu chipset, you can search on google or youtube : VGA Baking etc, it's my experience about repairing artifact VGA, i done it on 7XXX series, 84xx-8800 gts, 9xxx series too. my experience including photo and video available here
  10. Artifacts might be due to excessive overclocking if you are running above stock speeds, even with normal temperatures.
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