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i looking forward to find the fastest way to transfer files from a HD to other HD taking into acount that i dont know which type of HD ill have to deal with -IDE,SATA;different rpm -, i must to make sure that the solution fits in with the average user low-end technology

my current choices are external usb HD or maybe two Gigabit NICs linked with UTP 6 cable. any suggestions - hardware,software?
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  1. Hi there,
    Not sure exactly what you are trying to accomplish. Do you want to transfer data from a HDD on one computer to another computer, transfer data to an external HDD for storage, or transfer data from one HDD to another on the same computer?

    If you are just choosing a drive, a SATA HDD is faster than a PATA IDE, and of course 7200 RPM is faster than a 5400 RPM drive.
  2. i want to extract data from one computer to a storage not from the computer being extracted - External HDD,Laptop,Internal HDD plugged into the computer- by the fasted posibble method - which i dont know.

    supossing that the computer i will extract data from have an unknow HDD, what method will perform the fastest to extract the data?- plug in a HDD in the computer as slave;using a external usb HDD;using a crossover cable - ought i to use special data transfer software,tools?

    the fastest i can extract the data from a computer to a external source, the best :)
  3. Usually the fastest way to move data between 2 drives is to have them both installed internally in the same computer. They do NOT need to be the same type (i.e., they do not BOTH need to be SATA). BUT if they both are IDE it might be a bit better if they were connected to different mobo ports with separate cables, rather than sharing one cable to one port.

    An exception is if your mobo has a true eSATA port on it, and you have an eSATA-connected external drive that contains a SATA HDD unit inside. That system can be just as fast as an internal SATA drive. USB2 is NOT nearly as fast, although the new USB3 system is supposed to be just as fast as eSATA.

    Installing the second drive inside does not need to be permanent if your ultimate aim is to move the drive with the copied data to another machine.
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