I want to overlock my cpu dual core 2 7 ghz

Hello, hi dears i overclocked my cpu dual core 2.7ghz to 3.5ghz
but after that whenever i start windows 7 or windows xp the blue screen appears after that automaticlly restart while another time i did it again the same thing happens every time i set my cpu ratio to 13.5x please please help me whats the problem please help................
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  1. Hi redblock6 and welcome to Tom's hardware forum.

    That blue screen (BSoD) means that ur OC isn't stable. Try reducing the multiplier and testing the rig with prime95 Linx or OCCT
  2. Increase the voltage, but keep it within the manufacturer's limits.
  3. Thanks for the answers.........guys......

    My bios version is 02.61
    And my motherboard is msi g3tm-p21

    when i enter to the bios system there is written cpu ratio at 13.5x
    but i cant change it....

    but some other said me that turn off the intel eist imean speedstep
    but there is no speedstep or intel eist option how can i change it please.......please......help me out
  4. Well u can't change it since the Intel multiplier is locked.

    In that case u need start to OC with the FBS, start to rise the FBS in little steps but be careful with the RAM speed since this also change when u change the FBS frequency.
  5. But how can i unlock it please............. :wahoo:
  6. U can't unlock the multiplier.
  7. So thats mean i cant overclock to 3.2,3.1 or to 3.5 ghz :??:
  8. Yeah u can OC the CPU but not with the multiplier since is locked, u need star to OC with the FBS.
  9. u need star to OC with the FBS.

    I cant understan bro........
  10. Ur BIOS should have something that say FBS right?
  11. yes bro i got it but when i change my 'FSB' to 230
    i mean my cpu ratio is 13.5 and its locked

    i mean 13.5x230=3105 and i exit and saved it after restarted

    when windows 7 loadings finish suddenly its shown me blue screen and

    automatically restart...................
  12. That means that the OC isn't stable, a 230 FBS is a little high in the 1st try.

    When u change FBS ur RAM speed also change so u need 1st slow down the RAM speed and after that rise the FBS in little steps.
  13. In "BIOS SYSTEM" how to slow down the ram...........please :ange:
  14. Look for something that say "DRAM frequency" or "DRAM ratio". What mobo do u have?
  15. My motherboard is G31TM-P21
  16. Look for the option in the BIOS in advance settings.
  17. Yes i found it :)

    There is written.........

  18. Nice, so ur RAM is currently running at what speed? 800MHz?
  19. Yes bro my ram limit is 800mhz and its set on 800mhz.............
  20. Ok, slow down to 667 and start to rise the FBS.
  21. Thanks alot bro for helping me thanks alot................now blue screen is not appear again i raised my speed to 3.2mhz

    God bless you................ :) :) :)
  22. Test the rig with prime95, LinX or OCCT for check the stability of the rig that u can boot in Windows doesn't mean that the rig is stable.
  23. linX show me that your prosseser speed is 3.00mhz.....thanx for your Help!!!!!its worked!!!!! :)
  24. Nice, keep rising up to get more ;)
  25. i use OCCT to certify my OC's. i like how u helped him out saint first time OCer not having him use any voltage settings.

    glad he got what he was wanting!

    hey redblock how is yer new speed treating u man?
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