Asus P5N-e sli and 4x 1gb ram problem

It's my first post in here, so I would like to say hello to everybody.

Here is my problem:
I bought about 1 mounth ago Scythe Mugen 2 to my cpu, so I had to remove and put back my ram. After that I have problem with my pc. It crashes while watching movie or playing game or copying (usually if more than 5gb's). Before changing cpu cooler, everything works fine.

My config:
Asus P5N-e sli with HR-05
C2D E6420 2.13@3.2 with vcore 1.35 with Mugen 2
2x 1gb Kingston, 2x 1gb Kingmax (800 Mhz) 5-5-5-15 and vmem ~2.1
EVGA GTS 8800 with HR-03
LC POWER 550W (yeah, if you want say it's crappy, you can, but I tryied with diffrent power supply and it didn't help, so it's fine)
2x Seagate 320 and 500 GB's
1x LG ata DVD burner

Temperature is fine, cpu about 35C, gpu 45C, nb 36C.

If somebody help me, I'll be very happy.

ps. sorry for my english.
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  1. I assume those are idle temps...what are your load temps? I would suggest reseating the cooler and using a good thermal paste...what you are describing sounds like classic thermal shutdown (ie, when the computer hits heavy loads and overheats it shuts down)
  2. With orthos, prio 10 my cpu temp is about 42C (core temp), gpu temp while playing is about 50C (gpuz says that). Asus ProbeII shows nb temp about 40C. Thermal paste used in cpu is Arctic Silver 5.
  3. okay...that doesn't make sense if those temps are reading correctly. Is it possible something got knocked loose when you were installing the new cooler? Did you hear the MB crack or remove the ram, ect?
  4. No, I don't think it's mobo. I was very careful when I was putting new cooler.

    You know, before I put this cooler, everything works fine, I think it's connected with putting this ram in the right order. Because if there is 3gb's of ram, there is everything ok and it doesn't matter in which slot it's putted (I hope you'll understand me :) ).
  5. Seems like an issue with the ram. Many motherboards become instable when using all four ram slots, some wont even get past the POST.

    First, how does it crash?
    1) Does it crash with a bluescreen? This means during a split second, you see a screen with a blue background with text on it in a large font like in the bios. After that the PC simply resets like when you press the reset button.

    2) Does it simply shutdown brutally like holding the power butten for 3 secs. and it does not restart automatically. You have to press the power button to power up again?

    And second, have you inserted each individual stick in the same slots as it was before you installed the cooler?
  6. Hello Nils, thanks for your post.

    1st. No, there is no bluescreen, it just suspend. I can see my desktop or frame from movie/game and I can do nothing. There is no brutall shoutdown and I have to reset pc.

    2nd. No, I don't remember how it was inserted before (my bad).

    Thanks again.
  7. So it just freezes? I can see you have overclocked the cpu. Have you overclocked it to the same speed before you installed the Scythe cooler?
  8. I didn't notice you were running two different rams. This is more than likely the problem. You probably mixed the channels when you reinstalled it. Be sure each channel (color coded) has the same type of ram. If you still have problems remove 2gb from the second channel, if you still have problems switch to the other kit in that channel. It is never a good idea to mix ram, always try to get an exact match in all channels.
  9. Yes, it freezes and yes, I overcolcked it before. Also I changed bios setup to default and it freezed as always.

    There are pictures before and after updating my pc:


    Maybe somebody will recognize how it is inserted.
  10. impossible to tell which ram is which from the pic, but you want the same ram in the yellow channels, and the same ram in the black channels. It should be easy for you to tell which is which just by looking at the labels on the Ram.
  11. What timings, vmem and vnb would you recommend me?
  12. start with the rated info at the rated speed, and see if you can tweak from there. Like everything with computers, it is hard to recommend settings since each computer will be slightly different.
  13. I see you have two different brands of memory, so it shouldn't be difficult to separate both kits. Then do as belial2k said: insert one kit in the yellow slots and the other in the black.

    BTW have you already tried running just two sticks in dual channel?
  14. Nils I'm trying right now that, what belial2k said.
    But one dual channel is the yellow and the black slot, not both same colors (I don't know if I wrote it good, I hope you understand me).
  15. Are you sure about that. On all other boards I've already had in my hands, the ram slots are color coded in the same way but to enable dual channel you have to put two sticks in two slots with the same color. The setup you showed in the after-picture does not allow dual channel if you ask me. However you can check with CPU-Z.
  16. I assume in the after picture the other two ram slots have not been filled yet, but he says he is running 4x1gb, so I assume they are now filled....if I am wrong we have found at least part of the problem.
  17. Nils, yes I'm sure, I read about it in manual.

    belial2k I'm running on 4x1gb, this photo I took when I was testing rest of the ram in second pc.

    Now I'm trying every single possibility of inserting the ram.

    KM - kingmax
    KS - kingstone

    From left side:
    KSKS KMKM - freezed
    KMKM KSKS - freezed
    KMKS KMKS - freezed
    KSKM KSKM - freezed
    KSKM KMKS - freezed
    KMKS KSKM - now I'm working on it

    Shall I label every single ram, and try something like that:
    ie. KM1KS1 KS2KM2
    KM2KS1 KS2KM1?

    I made memtest today, everything after 1 loop was ok.
    Also SuperPI 32M goes well too.
  18. KSKM KSKM or KMKS KMKS would be the proper need to try KS blank KS blank and if that doesn't work try the KM in the same slots...if that still doesn't work reverse the "blanks"....this will weed out bad ram or bad dimms
  19. Quote:
    KSKM KSKM or KMKS KMKS would be the proper need to try KS blank KS blank and if that doesn't work try the KM in the same slots...if that still doesn't work reverse the "blanks"....this will weed out bad ram or bad dimms

    I completely agree with that. You really should be able to boot with one set of dimms in the yellow slots. Otherwise just buy a new kit of 2x2gb. DDR2 800 is very cheap right now and you can easy afford one with extreme low timings.
  20. KSKM KSKM or KMKS KMKS doesn't work... For now KMKS KSKM works fine.

    Yes Nils, I'm going to buy new ram, 2x2 1066 Mhz, but I don't know which one for now. But it still make me nervous, what will be when I want to have 4x2Gb's?
  21. I don't think you will ever need 8gb of ram. And if you want so, I would go for 2x4gb kit.
    It's always best to avoid using four sticks of ram. I wanted to upgrade myself from 2x1gb to 4x1gb, so I bought another 2x1gb kit, but I would never run in dual channel. In the end I just bought a 2x2gb, which worked excellent.
  22. Ok, thanks guys for helping me. :)

    I've got last question. Which 2x2 rams would you recommend to me. I'm looking for 1066 MHz.
  23. You should go for kits with the lowest timings possible. Here are some good ones:

    From Corsair:

    From OCZ:

    These kits have 5-5-5-18 timings which are the lowest timings you can get for a reasonable price. I have to admit BTW, I haven't found any lower timings than that, so you'll have the best you can get.
  24. Small correction. The Corsair modules are a little bit faster than the OCZ ones as they have timings of 5-5-5-15. However you may find the OCZ ram to be cheaper and as they belong to the Platinum series, I'm sure you lower those timings even a bit more.
  25. I understand, thanks for those. What do you think about Crucial BallistX UK limited edition 2x2GB/1000MHz?

    Later I will check prices and I'll write it here.
  26. Can you give a link to the specs page of your shop or the official site? I find it kinda hard to find any info on them.
    Anyway, they run @1000mhz, which is a kind of strange speed. Normally you find 533/667/800/1066 mhz for DDR2 modules. I you are using standard FSB bus speeds like 1066/1333/1600 mhz, you might find it harder to get it running @ exactly 1000mhz.
  27. Well, I bought today OCZ Reaper PC2-8500 HTC/1066 MHz and for now I'm very happy, of course 2x2 GB.

    The prices and links:

    - Mine OCZ's:
    Price: 249 zlotych/52GBP/86USD

    - Crucial BallistX UK Edition 1000 MHz, 239 zlotch/52GBP/83USD (I can't find any info at Polish sites/officially it is not selling in Poland)

    - OCZ Platinium, price near the price of the ocz reaper

    Thanks for helping me. :)
  28. You're welcome
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