Failing Mac "Super" Drives?

I work on macs though i am a PC enthusiast and one thing i have found consistently frustrating is the unreliability relating to a Macs Disc Burners. On all PC systems i have built, bought or borrowed i can't remember ever having a disc fail to burn. i work with 8 or so Mac at the office (i do video Production) and i would have to say that the disc burning process fails or has an error 30-40% of the time in my new Mac and in older Macs i cant burn a disc at all??? I assume this is a hardware issue but have never found actual results. Are the "pioneer" drives that mac uses just sub par??? I installed a Lite-on $25 drive in my Mac pros second bay and rarely have a problem when burning, but yeah the mac "Super" drive is always failing, any ideas as to why?
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  1. But I thought it just works?
  2. This load of "Mac is better" is really a bunch of c.... Apple does not manufacture one iota of hardware here, everything is made on the same land of 99% of all PCs: China.
    And yes, a Mac is a PC. It would be even if it couldn't run Windows; if it's small, cheap enough and useable for the average person, well, that's plenty PC for me.

    Apple hardware DOES fail much more than the Jobs cult followers would admit. I too had a Superdrive gone bye-bye, with under 100 DVDs burned. Never had that kind of trouble with a OEM drive, which I have by the hundreds, since I work as a Tech Support at an University.

    I have had a Mac for over 3 years now, and I would not recommend it to any reasonable person. If you are the kind of guy who likes to go to the barber shop with a Rolls-Royce, get one. Me, I am pretty well served with my Mercedes. Got it?
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