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Hi all,

I am thinking about OC'ing my AMD Kuma 2.7 BE's FSB and voltage. After reading the OC'ing article on Tom's, I have the basic theory, but I was wondering if anyone would be willing to share specific experiences with either this chip/mobo... or in general. My rig everything pretty chilly, full load is about 82 F, so I am not too worried about temp at this point.

My Kuma isn't going to go very far, nor do I expect it to... this is just an older chip that I would like to play with. I don't want to destroy it, but at the same time it would be inexpensive to upgrade. Any input is welcome. Thanks!
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  1. U can star rising the multiplier a little and testing the stability of the rig.
  2. Start with the multiplier and if it becomes unstable ad a little more voltage and keep going from there. I dont know what the max "safe" voltage for the 7750 is but I would say keep it below 1.45
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