Intel Celeron E3200 UNDERCLOCK help.

Hello everyone,

i've been trying to Underclock my PC for a long time now but it looks like i'm doing something wrong because it doesn't work!

I have tried to lower the FSB(i don't know if i did this correctly) and to lower the multiplier but my multiplier is blocked..

Now i don't know what i could do else.

I hope someone could help me!

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  1. Best way is to decrease the multiplier.

    What kind of motherboard? And what are you trying to accomplish?
  2. how can i check that without opening my computer?
  3. Is this what you are looking for?

    Manufacturer: FOXCONN
    Model: G41MX 2.0/G41MX-K 2.0
  4. if you cant lower the FSB and multiplier then your motherboard has a locked BIOS if its a motherboard from a major manufacturer (Dell, HP, Gateway, etc) they lock the BIOS to prevert these changes and there is no way to get around it
  5. ideas? anybody?
  6. By the looks of Image #2 & 3 above, it appears you have a locked BIOS. Is this a custom built PC or is this a PC from Dell, HP, Acer,etc?
  7. I bought the computer in the store, it's a PC from Compaq
  8. ^ Yeah, there is no way you can underclock/overclock. The BIOS is locked.
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