What is better - 2 80mm or 1 120mm

I am having a custom back panel for my mountain mods case made. I need to decide if I want to go with the two 80mm fans I have, or get a different back plate that holds one 120 mm fan.

This is the case.

Please note that this will be for both sides, so I have to double up on bought parts. I would need to buy 2 of these for a total of $33.98, as well as two fans.

Or I can just keep the 4 80 mm.

Is it worth spending the money?
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  1. chedderslam1976 said:
    Is it worth spending the money?

    I am not sure if you are asking whether it's worth spending the $33.98 for the fan mod or the $469.99 for the case ? In either case, I'd say no though. An Antec 1200 or HAF 932 will provide way more than adequate cooling at 1/3 the cost.

    And while 120mm fans are generally quieter than 80's, with that many fans and that open a case, it wouldn't matter.
  2. I go along with Jack, here.

    You are buying a $500 case and wondering about a $35 fan mod?
  3. ^5 +1 what Jack and jsc said.
  4. He's been here before with heat sink/heat problems, so I'd guess he already has the case and is getting a backpanel to stuff another fan(s) in there.

    If you are going to those lengths, my guess is noise is a lesser concern than moving air. You ought to be able to find 2x80mm fans that combined will move more air than the 120mm.
  5. I'd actually just recommend getting a single delta Ahaha!
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