Hello to all I am new in here and I have a question regarding my MB is an ASUS M2N SLi Deluxe MB temp is setup in Probe II @ 45 I been playing prototype and I guess the MB while playing this game reach the 45 degrees Temp and the alarm goes off is there anything that I can do to resolved this issue. currently im running the PC stock still reading before i do make some OC changes well could any one check my Spec's and tell me is there anything that i can do .....

Thanks in advance
CPU: Phenom 4x 9950
Motherboard: Asus M2N Sli Deluxe
Memory: OCZ Platinum Edition 8GB
Graphics Card: Gigabyte GTX 275
Hard Drive: SAMSUNG SpinPoint T Series 250 GB
HD501LJ 500GB
Power Supply: CORSAIR 850W
CPU cooling: Scythe
OS: Windows Vista 64x
Monitor: Sharp 32'
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  1. Hi overload. The first thing I would check is the voltage specs for the CPU and memory, then check voltages in BIOS to be sure they're in range. I have an M2N-E SLI so it's prob a bit different. Are you running SLI or just one GC?
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