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I bought a device with multiple drives including a floppy and a micro SD reader and a usb 2.0. I needed the floppy to RAID 2 harddrives together. the floppy is working fine but i dont know what i'm doing wrong to get the other drives to work. the floppy drive A: is popping up under my computer but nothing else is. The device has in addition to an EIDE on the back, a small plug that is supposed to plug into a usb spot on the motherpoard or so i think. can someone please help throw me some suggestions.
my motherboard is a K9N2 Diamond. If other specs are needed just ask
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  1. The kit should have come with a USB cable so you could attach one end to the box's USB connector, and the other end to an unused USB connection on the motherboard. If it did not, you'll have to determine the USB cable connectors you need. One will be to the motherboard; the other may a a type "A" or "B" USB connector. Post a link to the box specs./picture.
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    There should be a power port to run a smaller 4-pin power lead from your PSU. And, as tf mentioned, there will be the floppy data cable and a USB cable that goes to your motherboard header. Make sure all are connected.

    It connects like this:

    Also, with Windows 7 card reader drives are hidden until a card is inserted. You can either enable hidden files to see them, or install a memory card for the drive to show up.
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