How to know to which software this icon belongs to ?

I have an icon at the right bottom of my screen and I don't know it.
If I select the icon , available command is only "Exit" without any else informations .
I tried to check all icons of my computer , and I also check launched programs .
I don't think I did a good job because I didn't get more informations about that program. :D

So I would like to identify the program ... I want to know what is on my computer.
How to do it ?
I'd appreciate any helping idea :bounce:
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  1. Well, if it's on bottom right then it must be from startup or from services.
    go to start>run>msconfig> go to startup or to services and uncheck things you don't use. By trial and error you should find it eventually.

    Plan B:

    See also your task manager under processes . Try closing what isn't vital. It has to be there, by process name :hello:
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