Problem regarding Facebook acoount

i m not able to access my FB becoz of the following msg...

Secure connection failed uses an invalid security certificate.
The certificate will not be valid until 29/07/2011 2:32Pm.The current time is 14/07/2011 1:52Pm

(Error code:sec_error_expired_certificate)

This could be a problem with the servers configuratiopn or it could be someone trying to impersonate
the server.

If you have connected to this server successfully in the past the error may be temporary
and you can try again later.
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  1. have you tried clearing your temporary internet files?
    What browser & operating system are you using?
    Have you run a virus scan on your computer?
  2. Is this the only serious problem you're experiencing with your web browser, or is it more? An infected Windows system can spit out error messages in many ways making the user confused on what's wrong, but in this case, it might be that the website don't like your web browser, perhaps.. What browser and what version are you using?

    I would recommend to go for the latest stable version of Mozilla Firefox, which is at currently 5.0.1.
  3. Simply try a new browser. Chrome, Firefox, and to a lesser extent, Safari are all great browsers.
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