Trying to network a Windows ME system with Windows Vista on a router.

Hi all,

I spent several hours yesterday trying to get a Windows ME and a Windows Vista system networked. I got as far as getting them to see each other but when I tried with Windows Vista to access the Windows ME system I got an error in Vista something about DNS.

The problem for me is that I have a bunch of stuff I need to back up on the Windows ME system. A temporary solution that I worked out was to use my Seagate external hard disk to back up the files (long story) and had to make a FAT32 partition. All is well and good except the Windows ME system has USB 1.1 and you can guess how slow that is.

On the Windows ME system it does have 100 Mbps Ethernet which is cool if I could get the two computers to actually work.

They both have the same workgroup, I am using the same user name and password on both. I am simply at a loss how to get this to work. They can see each other, they can ping each other (firewalls off), but when it comes time to actually connect I got nothing.

Any suggestions on how I can get this to work? Is there some networking software that would help? Could I use DC++ and does DC++ have error correction?

Thanks in advance for the help and the advice.
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  1. I am at it again and this is really starting to bug me. I tried changing a few settings on my router and no luck. Setup DMZ did not help. Turned on uPnP but that did not seem to help. Windows ME might have that disabled/not installed so I have to look into that.

    As for the error I am getting it is as follows...
    "Error code: 0x80070035
    The network path was not found."

    When I clicked diagnose I got the following...
    "Windows cannot find the host name "DEFAULT" using DNS
    The Domain Name Server may be down."

    Any suggestions would be helpful.
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