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I just ran prime95 for 25+ hours and my max temperature was 57C according to CPUTIN and 51C on my cores. Isn't that pretty sh!tty for a big aftermarket cooler. I reseated many times with similar results. I have very good case ventilation and a cooler master v6 (not gt) with two high cfm fans (93 and 110), yet my results seem slightly worse than stock.

I have a Phenom II 955 @ 3.8GHz, stock vcore though. (c3 :D )

What is the deal with that? Is it just a bad heatsink or does everybody else lie about there cooling results? The only time I get 28C idle is in with with a low wattage dual core....
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  1. Those temps look very good imo.
    Don't see a problem there.
  2. Yeah, there is nothing wrong, but it is nothing special. Those are stock temps. Infact most people cap out at around 55C with a stock cooler.
  3. Ambient temps? What case and fans are you using for your "very good case ventilation"?
  4. Centurion 590. 5 (two of my intakes are ultra kaze-3000's) intake 3 exhaust, 4 if you count psu. My house claims my ambient temp is 73F, however my basement feels more like 63F. Using this stuff.

    I am assuming you agree that these temps are too high? I'm glad I only paid $40 for this thing, but I could have gotten a Performa or a mugen-2 at that price :fou:
  5. I know about the 212+, infact I just recommended it to somebody else from amazon. I got this thing for $40 and I figured it would have performed better.

    My temps should be better, this is stock voltage, seriously what a joke. I think my xigmatek thermal paste is meant for HDT coolers...
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