I5 swap i7 870 temp?

i had just swaped cpu's tonight and seen that my idle temp went up alot on avr. 50c at load 73c i have it overclocked to 3.8ghz
i am no pro at overclocking so plz tell me what im doing wronghttp://s4.postimage.org/oG6AA.jpg" class="img lazy">
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  1. Which i5 did you have? The i7 will run hotter as its 4 cores with hyper threading.
  2. First, we need more info on your setup. In particular, do you have aftermarket cooling? Secondly, if you want to know what might have gone wrong with the overclocking, it's vital you say just what you changed. Obviously you raised the base clock to 159 (wierd value btw, you can't get good RAM speeds with that) but did you touch voltages? LLC? C1E? Looks like you left turbo on, unless you have a "K" version CPU.

    And lastly, simon is right that the i7 is simply hotter and more power hungry since it has hyperthreading.
  3. ...i swaped from a i5 660..(which ran great)your going to laugh at me but, i use the gigabyte overclocking tool and then go in and play with the base clock till i see temps i like. i dont go far with it +-.i never play with the volts as i dont know what im doing. i think that the volts are on that screen shot. if you need more info ill get it. and the ram thats another question. in the intel performance tool i used to get a 5.9 score in the ram but when i over clocked the base to 159 i got a 7.2 ram score.. dont get that

    e.c.o water cooler(like the h50)
  4. Well 159 is probably running at 1590mhz and whatever the RAM's timing is, I'd guess CL8.

    Not sure what the intel performance tool is, but sounds like it's underclocking RAM. A lot of DDR3 ram can get 7+ in WEI. I think mine is around 7.5 running at 1426mhz CL7.

    Anyway, you should consider BIOS changes as it gives a lot more control.
    If turbo is on, turning off LLC can drop temps by a couple degrees but it'll need a tad more voltage (the load voltage drops, so less heat, but at idle the voltage will show higher)
  5. i dont know what LLC is.. but i put the base clock down to 150. (wasnt stable at 3.8 the way i had it) the ram timming is 9-9-9-24.
    the intel performance tool does nothing it just rates your computer its in the controll program,
    and i have turbo on i thought all the turbo does is put the multiplyer up by 2..so stock multi 22 turbo 24?..

    anyway why i bought the cpu is that i saw everyone overclocks it to 4 ghz with no prob.
    and is the best choice for fsx (what i use it for) and that is my goal fingers x...just need help getting there
    i gota get over my fear of voltage..i was just worried that the heat was so high at idle its now at avr.45c idle 50c across all cores
  6. finished re-seating 35-40c idle temp..
  7. 35-40C idle is good. Just go read some tutorials on overclocking via BIOS. You need to take control of it if you want 4ghz.

    And Turbo adds a higher multiplier with less cores in use. So 4 cores gives 21x, 3 cores 22x, 2 cores 23x and single core 24x. If you want to hit 4ghz with all 4 cores you'll have to turn turbo off.

    LLC = load line calibration. It will stabilize the voltage regardless of activity. LLC on is better if you are doing a flat out OC, which is what you're aim is it would appear. LLC off is better with a turbo OC, because without LLC you get "vdroop" which is within Intel specs but also it's going to pretty much use the least voltage at 4 cores, which is the slowest speed. It'll use a little more for each core less, and at the slightly higher speeds the cores need that little voltage boost.
  8. got a stable 4.0 ghz idle 35/40c load70/73c
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