Will the 9600gt fit on my mobo?

hey guys i have been thinking about this for a while just need to know if the 9600gt or 8800gt will fit. There are some "things" :ouch: that are sticking out of my board and i think i might hit the gfx card when i try to install it. what do you guys say ? :D ps. i am buying a tx650 corrsiar for the card and i think i have a micro atx board. its a mrs600m acer mobo. -.-

Here are some pictures.

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  1. It will probably go to at least the back of the board, but im wondering how high it would be off the board.
  2. move your Harde Drive .. its going to clear most off the place. I had similar probleme with my first GTX+. But its a REAL BIG card .. You 9600gt isnt that big.
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