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is there a way that i can find out online the best cpu that my mother board can handle easily?

i do allot of multitasking, it isn't uncommon for me to have over 300 tabs open in firefox for days, and while i have that open i also have other cpu intensive things running in the background.

i realize that my mother board is old and the components are becoming dated, but if i can extend the life of my computer by a few years by upgrading the cpu id rather spend the 200-250 for a new power supply and cpu than spend the 7-800 on a completely new computer.
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  1. Find out what kind of socket your motherboard has and then the processor that fits that socket with the highest Ghz with the most is probably the fastest. Also 300 tabs would take RAM not CPU speed.
  2. thats more or less what i thought however i have a problem.

    the socket type is 775 LGA
    and it currently has a
    pentium 4 530

    the best i can put in it (while not totaly blowing the price vs preformance off) is a Intel Core 2 Quad Processor Q9400

    this next bit is something someone else told me without helping me a whole lot, this was on a different forum

    "i would think that the motherboard would be the main concern here... there is 3 generations of processors between your current processor and the one you're suggesting to buy...
    from pentium 4- dual core- core 2 55 nanometer - core 2 45 nanometer

    the possibility of your motherboard being capable to use such a processor would be very small... it might require from a BIOS flashing to a replacement because of incompatibility...

    also if you're adding a new processor, you might also need a new power supply..."

    before i spend 200+ on getting the processor, i want to know if it will work beyond a reasonable doubt. is there any way to know 100% that it will work with my motherboard?
  3. You have not given us the make/model of your motherboard. Therefore we have no way of looking up whether or not it would run the processor you are looking at. Nor would we be able to offer a suitable substitute or alternative.

    Having said that: I highly doubt a mobo made for P4's will be able to handle current processors.
  4. yea. i found where to look it up.

    the best i could do is
    pentium 4 660

    i curently have
    pentium 4 530

    would i notice a significant performance increase? i mean for a quad core i was willing to flash the bios, but that is risking my whole computer, im less willing to flash it for less performance increases.

    lets say my current processor was 1000. what would this one be like? number wise?

    and also having that may tabs open takes less ram than you think, however processor is usually being used at over 30% than.

    would it be worth the upgrade? i never replaced a cpu and the whole thing would be new to me. if it was a quad core, performance increase out weighs everything else, but doesn't look like a huge leap performance wise to me. would it still be worth the upgrade?
  5. If your system originally came with a p4, there's no way it would support a quad core core2 duo. It's not that hard to change a motherboard, if your case has a removable backplate (i/o shield). I would look into getting a g31 board which fits most cases with the removable backplate, unless your board is btx. Newegg has some combo specials with micro atx boards that might work for you, if you use ddr2.
  6. i have swapped almost everything out of a computer and replaced it by now, but a mother board and cpu id defiantly a first for me.

    im taking a guess that while im swapping mother boards i may as wall also swap out the power supply. it decent, but im guessing under powered.

    and if i swap out the motherboard, would i have to re install windows? if i have to that would be another 100+ for a new hard drive.

    and im using ddr2 right now, should i jump to ddr3? dose it improve the computer allot?

    depending on all these i may have to wait longer, till after christmas so i can get some more money
  7. DDR3 does not improve the performance noticeably in most cases. What you want for RAM is quantity, not speed.
  8. ok than, im assuming that the ram in my computer, while not being top of the line, is still good than.

    so that will knock about 100 off the total
  9. what do you mean by heavy graphics?

    you going balls out on turning crysis to max, or do you mean can play graphically demanding games, not specifically at the best resolutions or max settings?
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