Setting up a Windows 7 machine as a wireless router

Hi, i heard somewhere that you can use windows 7 to turn your computer into a wireless hub.
Anyone know how to do that?

I only have ethernet atm, but i have a wireless card installed on my pc. Basically what i want to do is turn my machine into a wireless hub so i (and my flatmates) can use our laptops anywhere in our flat.

Any and all help/suggestions are greatly appreciated

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  1. Why bother when used wireless routers can be picked up for peanuts. Think of the power consumption running a PC 24 hrs a day.
  2. fair enough, thats probably a better idea. still like to know if its possible to set up windows 7 as wireless router/hub, just to see how it works ;)
  3. I think you can.

    Knowing something is possible means we should have a go, even if it's kinda pointless.

    Are we not, after all, men ?

    Have a look at Windows Internet Connection Sharing under Help.
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