What is the best to use overclocking

hello guy's i need help with this. What is the best and most stable os for overclocking and i need to know if this motherboard is good for overclocking it is a ASUS M4A77D if not would like to know what is. It cant be to much cant go over $100. Iv got a ecs ic780m-a and it's good but not for overclocking. CPU is a AMD phenom x4 9650 ram G skill 800hz 2 2gig's psu 500 watt with 120mm fan in side. Heat sink is a ZALMAN 110mm fan heat sink is all copper

i ask you guy's all that because i overclock my cpu to 2.7 and it get's glich'y from there. There's just not enough stuff to do in the bios i know what all it does it's just not enough setting's to adjust. Iv seen the same cpu reach 3.0 and higher and thank you guy's for your time
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  1. Well, windows 7 is the only OS to use these days....many of the newer hdw devices are starting to require it and XP, as good as it was, is a bit of a dog now.
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