IDE to SATA plz

i just bought my graphics card and a ide-sata adapter so i can try my i7 with my old hard drive. its not working... or not like its supposed to, it says it wont start up as it may cause sever damage check new hardware/ viruses/ or run chkdsk .
since it runs on my p4 just fine would that mean id have to reinstall windows and its just reading the information in ide instead of sata?
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  1. That would be correct if you are having booting issues then yes the formatting of the drive should work you must understand that every time you install windows you are writing a hardware script into that OS therefore you canoot simply change the hardware and expect the OS to recognize it. Its like physically taking you Brain (OS) and puting it into somebody elses Body (Being Hardware) the only time this generally works is if you are changing boards that have more or less the same Chipset, here you are going 2 extremes a 945 or G31 chipset what ever it may be and changing it to a newer generation H55 or X58, also yes you will need to make sure your AHCI reads in IDE mode. or else the controllers will be set to sata configuration and will not pick up the drive, so there is no choice there.

    Let me know what you think.

    Kindest Regards Rob."
  2. Simply, you cannot move a drive with an installed OS from computer to computer, it won't work. It requires a reinstall of the OS on the new computer.

    It is also just plain silly to try an use an old outdated, slow IDE drive in a new i7 system.
  3. LOL!

    Very True listen to Jit hes so right dont even bother.
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