Upgrading Emachine t5088 to DUAL-CORE.

Hello guys, I want to double check before I order wrong things. (Trying to upgrade my 2nd PC)

Above is My spec and the chipset is "Intel 945gc Express"...

According to intel's website, http://www.intel.com/design/chipsets/express_flyer.htm.
My mobo supports dual core so I decided to go to Newegg and found some CPUs.


There are three different types of CPUs and can you guys help me to find a best one?

If that is a wrong cpu, please correct me...

For the memory, do I need ddr2 400mhz? since a cpu has 800FBS.

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  1. Looks like it only supports up to the Pentium 4 641. Can you run a program like CPU-Z, Everest, to find out more computer specs?
  2. It appears that this Post / Thread has died.

    I'd like to give it a BUMP as I have the same questions.

    I'd also like to run Virtualization and Intel indicates there are compatable CPU's to replace the 641.

    Can anyone chime in and help revive this discussion?

    Bueller, Bueller, Anyone!

    Best regards,

    Mike Lynch
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