SSD...Help me choose please...

Hi i was after an ssd i have been looking at a few drives and heard good things about the sandforce controller...

I was considering one of these drives...
I havent been able to find a single review on the A-RAM drive but it does use the same sandforce controller and website says it has the same max read/write speeds...
webiste is

A-ram ultra 2 120gb
Corsair Force 120gb
OCZ vertex 2E 120gb
Gskill phoenix pro 120gb

it will be my main drive...
used for gaming and video editing...

EDIT: just found out the OCZ ,Corsair & GSKILL all have max 50K IOPS but have no idea what that means or does anyone know what this means and what it is for the A-ram drive? please?
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  1. if you want to buy a ssd, buy this one Mushkin MKNSSDCL120GB, 120 GB, SATA II

    or any ssd with SandForce SF-1200 controller
  2. Higher IOPS means the drive is more responsive under high demand. Most users will never see anywhere near 10,000 IOPS it just isn't necessary in a desktop system. Those measurements are also taken under very unrealistic scenarios so the drive really can't perform that well anyway.

    I voted for the OCZ drive because OCZ works closely with the controller manufacturers and gets updated firmware faster. They also have the best support IMHO as well as what I've heard from others. The only other one up there that I would consider is Corsair. (Gskill would be next but only if there was a decent cost savings for that vs the others)
  3. Voted for the OCZ one!
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