Low 3DMark06 Score


I was wondering if anyone could tell me why I am getting such a low score for 3DMark06 compared to other similar systems...

My system is:

Gigabyte P45 UD3R
Intel Quad Q6600 Kentsfield
OCZ Reaper 4GB DDR2 800Mhz
EVGA NVIDIA GTX 260 Core 216
WD Black 640gb
Xigmatek Cooler
PC Power & Cooling 750w

All at default/stock speed (No overclocking)

The score I get is 113xx usually. I run it on default. Comparable scores are 13000+.
SM 2.0 Score 4717
SM 3.0 Score 5555
CPU Score 3336

Thank you in advance
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  1. You said it. If you overclock you will get the higher scores.
    Try some other benchmarks:

    Microsoft Windows benchmarks

    * Lavalys EVEREST
    * SiSoftware Sandra
    * Futuremark:3DMark, PCMark, SPMark
    * BAPCo: Mobilemark, SYSmark, Webmark
    * BYTEmark benchmark suite
    * REALiX HWiFO32
    * DocMemory Diagnostic software
    * CD Speed 99
    * CPUmark
    * CPU-Z
    * InfoTool
    * WinBench 99
    * Whetstone
    * PiFast
    * Super PI
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