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I have an Nvidia Gforce 6600 and overnight, the display changed to 640x480 and 4-bit. All the tabs for display settings are there, but as soon as I hit the "Apply" button, everything goes back to the 640x480 and 4-bit.

I go into Safe Mode and everything is as it should be, so I'm guessing there's some kind of bug messing with my registry... your thoughts?

Please and thank you in advanced.

Edit1: Definitely looks like a software problem to me... I went into the registry at [HKEY_CURRENT_CONFIG -> System -> CurrentControlSet -> Control -> Video] and everything looks good to me. There must be some kind of override blocking these settings on bootup...
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  1. Try changing them directly from the video card proprieties or panel. Maybe your own graphic card is blocking them.
    Or, restart, and change them back manually from the regedit.
    Change the x and y resolution manually to value data 300 (x) and 400 (y) or try 800x600 by typing 320 (x) and 258 (y). Does it keep those numbers?

    Clean some of your services and startup stuff. :hello:
  2. Seems that the driver was corrupted... I downloaded the newest driver and manually installing seems to have fixed it! Nonetheless, thanks a lot for all your time to help. Much appreciated! Cheers, Chris.
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