Question on Removing CPU and Reapplying Thermal Grease

I was just wondering whether or not I need to do something in the bios or anything before removing the CPU and reapplying thermal grease. I've been using the computer for just over a month and I would like to try to get lower temps. if possible by reapplying it.
I was also wondering if 70% Isopropyl (rubbing) alcohol would be good enough to clean the heatsink and the CPU?
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  1. yea i use the Isopropyl pads in the pharmacy for cuts works great just make sure you take the power supply cable out so the mobo not getting any power if its a flat cpu cooler a small grain of rice in the middle of the cpu should do it
    if its a heatpipe style then a thin line down the brass contacts is good
  2. Hi,

    Go here:

    If you decide to replace the thermal compound on your CPU, clean both the surface of the IHS (Integrated Heat Spreader) and base of your HSF (Heat Sink Fan). I would only recommend using appropriate cleaning solutions, like Arctic Silver ArcticClean or 90% (+) Isopropyl Alcohol. Use a lint free cloth, coffee filter, or cotton swabs (Q-tips) to clean the surfaces. Although it's rare, make sure there are no deep gouges or machine marks in the IHS or HSF, and if there are, you might try lapping the surfaces, or replacing the HSF. (remember, lapping your processor is dangerous, voiding your warranty and possibly causing permanent damage to the processor).

    Edit: You'll find the photo's at hardwarelogic very helpfull :love:
  3. Quote:
    70% alcohol is 30% water. I only use 91% alcohol.

    Likely re-applying thermal paste wont help you temps.

    No but it will help him if he had the original thermal paste which is really low quality OR maybe he didn't apply it well previously or maybe touched it with his fingers.
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