How far q6600 should go with stock fan?

i have an asus p5qc and intel q6600 with 2*2gb ram @667mhz.

i have read thread about overclocking this setting. i understand that the ram isnt so good. i wont be paying more on this useless board except for parts i could use for my next rig.and another point is i cant buy any good heat sink here in my country. so my question is: how far can q6600 go with overclocking under my setting(stock fan)?

i would really appreciate your suggestion. juz 2.8 would make me smile.
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  1. DDR2-667 RAM will take you to 3.0 GHz if you set the FSB:RAM ratio to 1:1.
  2. ^ +1

    With stock cooling you can probably get to 3.0 ghz.
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