Windows 2003 R2 in Atom processor.

Hello all experts,
I would like to have a portable ultra thin server with windows 2003 that I can carry around. Initially I was thinking about Atom processors and harware like ASUS NOVA P20 dual-core E2160(1.80GHz). Can anyone suggest me whether I can install windows 2003 in either Atom based processors or ASUS Nova ? If not then what are my options running win server 2003 in a comparitevely portable server?

Thanks in advance.
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  1. hi, did you manage to get an answer? I'm also looking to build a slim atom based WINDOWS 2003 Server but want to know if there's a good hardware configuration which has been proven to work. Thanks.
  2. Exactly what do you plan to do? File serving, print server,etc? Keep in mind an Atom is ~ a 1Ghz PIII in performance. Any chance you can run Linux? A E2160 or smiler CPU will easily be able to run 2003 server easily providing you have at least 2GB RAM.
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