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how can I find out the tcase temp of my cpu
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  1. do you want the case temp or the cpu temp?? If you want the cpu temp, download coretemp. Most cases do not come with temp sensors so if you want the actual case temp you will have to buy one.
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    Well, OK then. I won't comment on that post.

    @OP, You can't find out the exact tcase temp of your cpu unless your willing to drill a hole through your heat sink into the cpu's IHS and insert a sensor. Your best bet is to use core temps and subtract 5c from the readings, this will get you very close to the tcase temperature. Just use coretemp or realtemp to check the core temperatures.
  3. ^ Yup, there really is no way to directly measure CPU Tc. Just curious as to why you want to know that temp? As long as the Core temps are cool, you should be fine. Use RealTemp (for Intel) and CoreTemp (for AMD).

    As for adaman2576, wow.... you need to learn MUCH more things.
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