Solution to problems with Win 7 32 bit and Nvidia Graphics Driver - pixelating

Hello, My Win 7 keeps pixelating and dropping out randomly.
A message has been received that there is a solution to the problem, but unfortunatley I when I click on the link it does not take me to it. Says Problem with Nvidia Graphics driver.
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  1. You may have issues with your card. Pixelating often occurs when the GPU memory is failing. I just learnt that in some cases this can be due to solder cracking on the card. Apparently you can "bake" the card in a manner that remelts the solder. Apparently the process known as GPU Baking can be found on Google. This is of course is assuming the card is the problem at a hardware level for that reason. Make sure your PSU is putting out good stable voltage as this can affect GPU behaviour.
  2. There is no best answer - I sent more info but I see it is not on here
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