New Build MB/CPU/RAM/GPU Config.

I have a few questions about building a new PC (I'm going to buy all the parts and stuff this coming June).

I'm basically looking for a sturdy build that won't break the bank and still perform excellently for the next 2 years, so I guess I'm going for a Core i7 920, a good X58 MoBo (not necessarily 3 way SLI as it's apparently useless), 4GB DDR3 RAM, and a GTX280/285 (depending on how much money i have left after all the other equipment). I'm willing to spend ~700$ total on CPU/MB/RAM/GPU only, which shouldn't be too much to ask for by next June.

I have 3 main questions:
1-Should I go DDR3-1333 or DDR3-1600??(preferably within 80$ as anything more is a waste)
2-What is a good X58 MoBo?
3-Is the GTX285 really that great because of 45nm tech in terms of performance?(I presume it would overclock better due to less heat/power)

Any other comments would be appreciated.
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  1. My advice would be to wait until about 2 weeks before the planned build to start compiling a list. Computer hardware is constantly changing. Something that's a good deal now may be replaced with something better/cheaper by June.
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