Upgrade, please help

Hi there,

I currently have a system wich is:

CPU: Intel Quad Core Q9550 2.83GHZ @ 3.40GHZ
VGA: XFX Nvidia 8800GTS 320MB XXX Edition
HDD: Samsung 500GB 7.200rpm SATA2 16Mb Cache
RAM: 2x 1GB Corsair Dominator 1066MHZ DDR2
MOBO: Asus P5Q-E
CASE: Cooler Master CM690 With 7x Cooler Master 120mm Fan
DVDRW: ASUS DVDRW-2014L1 20x DL LightScribe
POWER SUPPLY: LC Power Arkangel 850Watts
DISPLAY: Asus Vx246H (1980X 1080) Full HD

And, my question is, I have a friend wich is selling a EVGA GTX260 896MB (standard version, not the 216 core), for around 130€ (190.127 USD), so, does this card justifies the exchange for my current 8800GTS? I don't play games with AA on, only play them at the monitor full resolution. It's here where (at least i think) my 8800GTS lags... For exemple, i play Mirror's Edge with full effects at Full HD at 20-30fps.. On Race Driver Grid 29-36 fps... And many others getting below 40 fps...

So, i ask you guru guys for help. I do a lot of photographic works, but the grafic card exchange can mean a upgrade for that to... ;)

By the way, sorry for my bad English, i'm from Portugal...Ups....

Best regards,

Tiago Silva
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  1. GTX260 > 9800GTX > 8800GTX ~ 8800GTS
  2. I know that a GTX260 is more recent, than mine, the question is, will i notice a bump in 3D performance, or will be not perceptible..

  3. You will see big improvement at your resolution going from 320 to 896MB frame buffer.
  4. Yes, you will see a huge improvement. I was looking at some comparisons, it showed the 8800gts getting i the mid 20/low 20's fps while the 260 was high end 40 and high end 50+ but, thats just at certain calculations and resolutions. All in all its a +1 for me.
  5. Your 8800GTS 320MB is based on old G80 chip and even 8800GT 512MB can beat it easily. On that res you need definitely something better and GTX 260 is good choice.
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