Core 2 duo 2.93 e7500 on a gigabyte ga-p43-es3g

how well can this cpu and motherboard oc?
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  1. CPU? It depends. I don't particularly like the P43 chipset. I spent the few extra dollars to get P45 chip.

    I have an E7500 in a GA-EP35-DS3P running at 4.07 GHz. P95 stable for 12 hours.
  2. You may need to upgrade to the latest BIOS but it should support it no problem.
  3. well im using a thermaltake v9 black edition case with a pny gts 240 geforce gpu and an after market cpu fan

    a can haz beer whats the fbs speed ram frequency and muliplier you have

    i am using this board for a hackintosh project and its a display as im building computers for people who need workstations for photo editing youtube and professional video makeing and the core 2 quad one im making is for all that and recording music so yeah
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