Computer unstable at stock speed; fine overclocked

So I've stumbled upon an interesting little issue. I've had a computer that consists of mostly the same parts since 2007 and I've been running various hackintosh configurations for about a year and a half with little to no major issues. Amidst getting a new video card(8800GTS ate {censored}, had bios artifacts and would not boot) I saw a concern for temperature that I had never considered. I noticed my CPU runs abnormally high during casual use (web browsing, ichat). I'm looking at 64C degrees right now. Now I realized maybe it was attributed to running the automatic light overclock setting on my board (i've been running this since 2007). I'm 100% certain when I first had the computer it worked but now when I try to set the speed setting to default, the computer will not boot and becomes unstable in the bios and boot screen for osx. I'm wondering if maybe temperature was even the cause in my GPU dying but then again I had it since 2007 and it was a replacement because the first one they sent me was artifacting and unstable after a few weeks(prehackintosh). Any info would be helpful. I may have just opened up a whole nother world of troubleshooting that I don't want to deal with.


biostar tp35d2-a7 (ich9), E6600
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  1. The temps are high the max load temp should only be 70c so if 64c is idle then that is way to high.
    I would try to re-apply thermal paste and re-seat the heatsink.
    Also are you using the stock cooler and do you have good air flow through the case?
  2. Use core temp or HWmonitor. and post temps.
  3. I'm going to try to test it in windows since speedstep isn't set up in OSX.
  4. How is your case (how many/size fans in/out)? Have you checked all components (especially GPU and CPU fan) for dust buildup? If the CPU is that hot and the CPU fan is properly mounted and working, then airflow is likely poor which easily could have led to the video card damage. Can you check (or do you remember) your video card temps?
  5. I have a regular sized Lian Li tower, I think it could use some cleaning.

    Thanks for the info I'm going to try all of these things, the video card is a lost cause since it is trashed but I'm thinking it might be a mix of the overclock setting and using OSX without speedstep that is causing the temperature issue. Maybe running it at a higher multiplier or CPU setting has sort of "broken" the lower levels.
  6. Alright I gave the case a nice cleaning. Cleaned the processor and heatsink properly and put on some AS5. What was running at 64C before (chrome, ichat, itunes), now is at a cool 40C. I think last reseat I never changed the paste.

    Now to get back to the original problem, the computer won't boot in stock settings still. Now I'm thinking perhaps this is only in OSX, I should try booting windows with the stock settings. It seems as though the finicky bios might have been another issue. What I'm getting now is a kernal panic on default processor settings.
  7. If at any time you reinstalled the OS with the OC settings it may have changed what drivers are loaded in the OS, causing instability. In particular, double check that the "default" BIOS is using the same settings for the hard drives (IDE, AHCI, RAID) and also in power management, ACPI on or off. I found that these can't be changed after an OS install (well, HDD settings can after some registry tweaks)
  8. Hey thanks a lot, I figured it out. It was setting the RAM voltage incorrectly.
  9. Cool, glad you figured it out.
    I hate when I do stupid things like that and then cant figure it out. [:bohleyk:1]
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